Need a Retool Expert? Bold Tech is the Leading Developer of Retool Internal Tools

We create bespoke applications lightning-fast, give expert advice on potential use cases and iterate on top of existing Retool applications. Bold Tech’s developers hold backgrounds in business intelligence, AWS solutions, web design and pre-Retool internal tool development.

Bold Tech has created 80+ Retool applications and is highly active in the Retool community.

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Retool is a fast way to build internal tools without writing a ton of custom code, and connects to anything from databases to APIs. Thousands of companies like Doordash, Peloton, Brex, and FOX use Retool to build internal tools that drive faster operations and better business outcomes.


Turn process into progress with Retool

Looking for custom apps, dashboards, admin panels, and other internal tools to run and optimize critical processes? Let us help you connect the dots to create worthwhile apps, with a front end designed perfectly for your work.

Retool Consultation

Not sure how Retool fits in with your business needs?

We provide expert advice on the best way to design and implement your application to match your use case. We advise on how Retool would best align with your system, what Retool could do for your company and how it can be the most performant.

We also offer consultation on apps at any stage in development to ensure you are working towards your goals.

Retool Development

From beginning to end, or anywhere in between, we can handle the development of your Retool app.

We'll connect your SQL, GraphQL, Google Sheets or other database to a unique and highly efficient GUI. We specialize in AWS services, restAPIs and business analytics.

Let us do the hard work so you can focus on what your company does best.

Retool Servicing

Bold Tech offers servicing on a pro rata basis, or you can secure our services for all your needs with a monthly maintenance package, that ensures you priority assistance from our developers.

We know that your needs are always changing, and we want your Retool app to reflect that.

Your tool needs to stay up-to-date with all your tech and process changes, as well as staying free of any bugs that may arise from them.

Check Out Retool's Latest Report:The State of Internal Tools 2021

"As COVID-19 forced developers to re-evaluate their most important priorities, 87% of developers increased or maintained their time spent on internal apps in response to the pandemic."

BLOG & Tutorials

Our Latest Writeups


Retool's Nifty API Generator: General Fake API Data for your Staging App

Retool's API Generator is a speedy way of creating varied dummy data through a REST API and can be used to fill gaps whilst waiting for backend changes, create mock apps and even create a staging environment. This tutorial will show you how.

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Blog Post

The Case for Retool & Traditional Small Businesses

Traditional small- to medium-sized companies face an increasingly saturated market of software products, aimed to improve their business and internal processes - Retool empowers these businesses to be a part in building their own solution.

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Bitcoin Treasury Charts

Recently, Bitcoin has seen more and more corporate interest, and this will most likely be pivotal to its growth moving forward. I created a Retool app to graph the growth of stocks invested in BTC compared to the cost of BTC, as well as track the return on the companies' investments.

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Bold Tech is a group of talented, capable developers who I regularly trust to help our customers build the apps they need, fast. Everyone I've put them in front of has given rave reviews!

Justin Gage, Growth

Bold Tech is the go to for all Retool work. Save your engineering team the hassle and partner with them, you wont regret it.

Parker Rex, Product Manager

Joey and the Bold Tech team have been an invaluable help for us this past year. Quick, efficient, straightforward and a real pleasure to work with, I can not recommend them highly enough!

Kathryn Bonnici, Head of Development

Working with Joey has been a pleasure. He is detail-oriented and organized. He has added a lot of value to our project through thoughtful feedback and innovative design. I look forward to working with him again soon. Highly recommended!

Project Ludlow

Kevin Sayet, Project Manager